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My academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications and a Master’s degree in Psychology and Psychopathology of Development. As a psychotherapist, I use the Neo-Reichian analytical body approach (I am a graduate of INAP after a four-year specialization). I have had an individual and group private practice in Sofia, Bulgaria, since January 2015. I also work online with Bulgarians living in other cities and abroad and with English speakers. I am a certified trainer and supervisor, as well as a lecturer in Working with Trauma at INAP. Since April 2023, I have been a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner. I am currently training in two more specialized trauma healing modalities – Somatic Trauma Therapy and NeuroAffective Touch.

My professional interest and proficiency gather me with people who suffer from different anxiety states and disorders, including panic disorder, social phobia, impaired social functioning, occupational burnout, depressive states, discontent, low self-esteem, difficulties in partnerships and interpersonal relationships, and others. These might result from traumatic experiences (developmental or shock) or continuing and overwhelming stress.

I am a regular member of the Bulgarian Neo-Reichian Psychotherapeutic Society (BNPS) and an individual member of the European Association for Body Psychotherapy (EABP). I am also a deputy editor of the world Journal for Body Psychotherapy (IBPJ).

Galya Savova, MSc Psychology

As a Neo-Reichian analytical psychobody therapist and a Member of the Bulgarian Neo-Reichian Psychotherapeutic Society, with a private practice in Sofia, I specialize in anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, dissatisfaction and depression. I am adept at helping patients with low self-esteem, personal and professional development, job burnout, difficulties in partnerships, and interpersonal relationships. I facilitate identifying the female role and addressing social and emotional difficulties.

Тел: +359 887 095 944

Violina Aita

I am a Neoreichian psychotherapist from the third class of the Institute in Bulgaria. I’ve worked at the Clinic Sana Vita for the Treatment of Psychogenic Eating Disorders in Switzerland as an operator and psychotherapist under the supervision of Prof. Waldo Bernasconi.

Since 1999 I’m working individual and group psychotherapy with clients and I know from my own experience how important personal therapy is for the maturation and formation of the psychotherapist.

I have participated and I continue to be a part of trainings, seminars, workshops, led by specialists to improve my work with different types of clients with various clinical problems. Currenyly I’m specializing in Contemporary Reichian Analysis in the Italian School of Reichian Analysis (S.I.A.R.). In addition to my private psychotherapeutic practice, I work in Stara Zagora as a psychologist at the Center for social services for children and families.

My working languages are Bulgarian and Italian.

I’m a member of the Bulgarian Neoreichian Psychotherapeutic Society and a member of its Ethics Commission. And I’m in the Register of the psychotherapist of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy and its member.

  • My telephone number is: +359 879 863275
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Emilia Staevska

Our emotional life is a universe in which we can get lost but also find ourselves. As I was looking for my way, I enrolled in psychology, then – clinical psychology, mastering theoretical knowledge. But the knowledge of the real me happened in Neo-Reichianism! It helped me to open my energy, to regain my color, to believe and love, to trust. Seeking and creating herself with flame, devoted to her family and the people she works with – this is me! I do not stop, I am enriched with the valuable and different knowledge in psychotherapy – Family constellations, Cognitive-behavioral therapy, Object relations in psychoanalysis, Motivational interviewing. The accumulated experience that I have from all these years, the things that are happening in my office fill the knowledge and the satisfaction in my soul, not forgetting that above all I am human!


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