Final Exam

The final exam of the four-year study course consists of three parts:


  1. Questions from the field of Neo-Reichian analytical body psychotherapy
  2. Questions from the field of psychiatry, psychopharmacology, and psychosomatics
  3. Questions from the field of other psychotherapeutic techniques and methods

The theoretical exam includes questions from all three fields.


Conducting an individual and a group psychotherapeutic session


The written thesis can be in one of the following four formats:

  1. Literary review in the field of body psychotherapy
  2. Presenting a therapeutic case or several cases with the same diagnosis
  3. Scientific research (after approval by the Board)
  4. Personal contribution to the development of the Neo-Reichian analytical body psychotherapy (book, technique, handbook, etc. – after approval by the Board)

An essay on the subject of “What did the education at the Institute and my individual psychotherapeutic process give me?”

Theses must be submitted by December 15. Documents for attending the final exam must be submitted by February 28. 

The final exam – theory and individual therapy – is conducted in May. The group therapy session is conducted during the first days of the summer training workshop.