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Madlen Algafari
Psychologist, psychotherapist, writer, theater director.
MA in psychology from the University of Sofia ‘St. Clement Ohridski’ in 1991, postgraduate specialization in Neo-Reichian analytic psychotherapy with Prof. Waldo Bernasconi in 1998 – Lugano, Switzerland, member of the Bulgarian Neo-Reichian Association, member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – section ‘Psychology and pedagogy’, President of the board of directors – Bulgarian Institute for body psychotherapy, member of The Bulgarian Association of psychotherapy, member of the European Association of Body psychotherapy.
Editor in Chief of “International body psychotherapy Journal” – published by the European and United States Associations for Body psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology.

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Prof. Zaharina Savova, M.D.
Professor Zaharina Savova is Director of Medical College ” Filaretova”, lecturer in the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University of Sofia.
Doctor in “Social Medicine and Organization of Healthcare and Pharmacy”
• Management and organization, SU “Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria
• Medical Pedagogic, Medical University –Sofia, Bulgaria
• Health Economics, Medical University –Sofia, Bulgaria
• Analytical Psychotherapy- Neoreichian school, Westdeutche Akademie, Germany and Medical University – Sofia, Bulgaria;
• Cognitive-behavioral therapy;
• Short-term therapy – BASTT;
• Laughter Yoga Leader.
She was chairman of the ethics committee of the Bulgarian Neoreichian Society. Member of the ethics committee of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy
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