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Madlen Algafari
Psychologist, psychotherapist, writer, theater director.
MA in psychology from the University of Sofia ‘St. Clement Ohridski’ in 1991, postgraduate specialization in Neo-Reichian analytic psychotherapy with Prof. Waldo Bernasconi in 1998 – Lugano, Switzerland. Author of 14 books and many podcasts. Member of the Bulgarian Neo-Reichian Association, member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences – section ‘Psychology and pedagogy’, Member of the board of directors – Bulgarian Institute for body psychotherapy, member of The Bulgarian Association of psychotherapy, member of the European Association of Body psychotherapy, Honorary member of the American association of Body Psychotherapy.
From 2018 to 2022 – Editor in Chief of “International body psychotherapy Journal” – published by the European and United States Associations for Body psychotherapy and Somatic Psychology. Congress Chair of the 18th International Congress of the EABP – 6-10.09.2023 – Sofia.

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Prof. Zaharina Savova, M.D.
Professor Zaharina Savova is Director of Medical College ” Filaretova”, lecturer in the Faculty of Public Health at the Medical University of Sofia.
Doctor in “Social Medicine and Organization of Healthcare and Pharmacy”
• Management and organization, SU “Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia, Bulgaria
• Medical Pedagogic, Medical University –Sofia, Bulgaria
• Health Economics, Medical University –Sofia, Bulgaria
• Analytical Psychotherapy- Neoreichian school, Westdeutche Akademie, Germany and Medical University – Sofia, Bulgaria;
• Cognitive-behavioral therapy;
• Short-term therapy – BASTT;
• Laughter Yoga Leader.
She was chairman of the ethics committee of the Bulgarian Neoreichian Society. Member of the ethics committee of the Bulgarian Association of Psychotherapy
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